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May 4th - the 28th, 2013
Opening Night Event, Saturday May 4th 6pm-11pm
closing Night Event, Saturday, May 25th, 6pm-11pm
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

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Art has always been a catalyst for a shift in point of view, attitude or perception.  The works in this exhibition ride on a s subtle subversive and mystic thread of humor that doesn't quite reach the waking brain but instead seems trapped in our toe or on the back of the out memory. . . it tickles when we think, like a hotwire from the subconscious.  although their work is visually quite diverse, the three artists in the exhibition are well connected by the intention.  The Mystification, Manipulations and Subversions of out ordinary mental and visual perceptions are alive and well in all their efforts.

In Richard Bohn's elegant work, humor and mystification of the ordinary play a fine duet.  common objects and pop imagery are transformed into new surprising and beautiful constructions which delight the viewer, make comment and invite a meditative and new way of seeing.

Mark Bryan's whimsical paintings of political, social and psychological topics subvert, manipulate and mystify with their deadly humor and imagination.  his bizarre juxtapositions and parody of iconic and pop subject matter manage to leave the viewer both disturbed and entranced.

David Ordaz: "I have always been fascinated with taking things apart to see how they are constructed.  this process of de-constructing and reconstructing in intriguing and continually satisfying as I try to understand the world in which I live.  I am amazed at the capacity that we alone have t make an object or a machine or an elegant work of art from mere thought."